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Find Home in Snail Bob 1

Snail is considered the slowest creature in the world because of its very slow movement but this doesn’t mean that it is useless in this world. Everything living or non living has its purpose in balancing the world. Game creators have found a way to incorporate this creature in flash games because it is cute and very interesting to see what will the character snail will be. One perfect example is the game called Snail Bob 1. Obviously, the character in this game is a snail but what is its objective? You will find out if you read the whole article. The story of this game is that Bob, who is the snail, is trying to find a home.
It is the player’s role to guide and help him in searching through different places. But doing so is not an easy task because there are other creatures and prey that will stop Bob from finding his new home. Do everything the platform requires and overcome obstacles until Bob finally finds his home. There are more details included

Advance in the game with Vehicles 2 Walkthrough

Having a hard time finishing a level in a game you are currently playing? Don’t be sad because in every problem, there is always a solution. Luckily, there are walkthroughs available online. Maybe you are wondering what are walkthroughs, these are tutorial page where one can get an idea about the levels in a particular game like Vehicles 2. This game has levels that are easy, tough and difficult to accomplish as the game progresses. If you are playing this game and currently having a hard time advancing with it, Vehicles 2 Walkthrough is your answer. The levels in Vehicles 2 are divided into four parts. The first ten levels are called Driving School because these are quite easy levels to accomplish.
The next ten levels are called municipality where the levels get quite tougher compared to the first ten. The third part is called Remove Dark where you have to deal with all the dark cars which means difficult vehicles to bump out of the screen. The last part is called Skill levels where you have to think, plan and move wisely to accomplish the levels. This walkthrough can be seen and reviewed for free online.

Fun Shopping in Shopaholic: Hollywood

There are flash games intended for male players and there games for female players. This is a symbol that there is an equal appreciation of both genders. This article is about an example of a flash game that is suitable for girls or women who love shopping. As most of us know, girls really love shopping to the point that it almost become an obsession. It is understood that clothes, shoes and accessories are girls’ happiness. The name of the flash game is Shopaholic: Hollywood. This will surely be enjoyed by female players around the world. The objective of this game is very simple. You just have to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that you will be using in the coming parties and events that you will be attending. There
are lots of stores present in Hollywood that will surely make you glamorous and prepped up. If you love shopping, go and search this game online.

Strike Force Heroes 1: To the Battlefield

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of being a soldier, and be involved in the electrifying soldier drama on the field, Sky9 games have something for you! This game developer gives you Strike Force Heroes 1! You are a soldier in this game that has missions to fulfill. You can choose from 65 different types of weapons. The ultimate rule is to kill. But at first, you will just be a medical soldier, and the missions will be as simple as a pimple. As the game goes by, you will eventually be promoted to be a field soldier, but also, the challenges will surely make your mind blow.
When you reach the final mission, make sure to have the best functioned weapon. This game has multiplex story plotting which will make you put to heart and embody the life of a real soldier. Push your creativeness to the limit in Strike Force 
Heroes 1.

Bowman 2 Returns With New Awesome Features

In Bowman 2 your goal is to shoot the target accurately. If you have already played and became a fan of these great archery games, you will be happy to know that this sequel offers some new awesome features. There are still three modes available. Practice mode is for new players to familiarize with the game, to learn how to aim and shoot. Player vs player and Player vs computer modes are more challenging and require some more knowledge. This is why you need to practice until you are ready to play with computer or other people. So you need to aim very well. The winner is the one who has the best shots.
Inside the game you will also have a new option: Bird Hunting! You have to shoot as many birds as you can, but you need to be very careful because the arrows can come back at you. Try it out here:

Compete With Your Friends In Slime Volleyball

It’s volleyball time! If you are a volleyball fan, surely you will be fan of Slime Volleyball. And if you have never practised this sport, now it’s you time to give it a try. You can choose one player or multiplayer mode. Then you can choose to play with computer or with human. If you are playing in the one player mode, then you will be at the left side of the court. You need to be skillful and make sure you hit the ball so that it falls on your opponent’s side of the court.
The first one who scores six points is a winner. The awesome thing is that you can play it with your friends! So this is your chance to show off your volleyball skills. The game has very simple graphics, but very interesting. You will get familiar with the controls very soon, since they are also simple.

Hobo 5: The Hilarious man!!

Guys, just guess who is back?? Yes, our famous friend Hobo is coming back with the latest version Hobo 5!! This time, he has been abducted by aliens and now needs to fight against them by applying his horrible tricks! Ha Ha! So get ready to join the adventure.
The aliens will come one by one or all together. By pressing several buttons of your keyboard fight against the aliens. Sometimes, Hobo will pee on them, crap them, punch them, kick them, spit them, frat on their face there are the horrible tricks Hobo always does. Aliens will make a man who looks like Hobo, the color of dress will be different. Notice the life bar carefully, cause it will show the energy remains you have left! You will be given the option of choosing the easy level of the stages. Fight in a tricky way when many aliens will appear to defeat you!

Navigation fun in Gyroball

Have you notice that most games involve a ball or balls. There are three reasons why this thing is perfect or suitable in most games. One is because it is very familiar to most players making their playing experience more relaxed and comfortable knowing the tool or material they will use. Second is because it is a simple object and complications are less to occur. Last is because it is also involved in many sports that promote athleticism and sportsmanship that is an important trait that needs to be developed in young mind.
Gyroball is one good example of this flash game. To know more about this game, just continue scrolling this whole article. This game is very simple but somehow frustrating as the game progresses. As the player, your mission is to navigate the ball towards the glowing goal. Avoid falling off the platform or else, you will lose a life. The good thing about this game is that one’s skill of controlling an object as well as coordination will be vastly improved.

Fun Nautical Adventure in Raft Wars 3

It is normal to experience stress from the daily activities that all of us do. There are many ways on how to fight stress such as relaxation and recreational activities. Some people engaged in sports like Basketball, Volleyball and Football during their free time or during weekends. Others are engaging in going on a vacation or a trip in different museums and parks. If you don’t have enough time to do such mentioned ways, you can rely on flash games like the one called Raft Wars 3.
This is the third installment from the game series Raft Wars. This is a fun nautical adventure. As a player, you will have to guide and navigate throughout the water park and shoot the enemies coming your way. Utilize your weapon and tennis balls, as your mission is to retrieve your treasure at the end of the water park. This is more challenging than the previous versions because there are more obstacles and enemies set up in the water park.

Rescue them all in Rescue Panic

The main character, Vijay, is a racer. Unfortunately, he broke the expensive race car he was using and that car is worth $5,000,000, WOW!! And now he has to repay for the expensive repair on it. Being a professional racer, he got easily the job as an ambulance driver. And his job is to rescue all the town citizens who were in different kinds of accidents.
Rescue Panic is created by Little Giant World and sponsored by It is a challenging and exciting game as you rescue the people and bring them to the hospital. Plus you have to watch out your gas, car health and car temperature. You control the ambulance by keyboard. Only, it is a little hard to control the ambulance. But probably, as you play you will have a grip on controlling it plus the upgrades will surely help.

Kill the castles’ people in Crush the Castle 3

Are you aware about the qualities or characteristics of a successful flash game series. There are three factors that can answer this question. First is the entertainment factor. A good series should have a good graphic designs and background so the players will have a pleasant gaming experience. Second is the continuation factor. A series is named as it is because it possesses a progress or a continuation. The last factor is the variety. Since it is a series, there are tendencies that the editions have the same or exact features that might bore the players. There should be a variety of new features in every edition just like what Crush The Castle 3 offers.
This is obviously the third offering from the series because you will easily notice the number 3 in the title. This game as the third installment offers a new feature which pertains to the inhabitants of the castles. The inhabitants are affected by a dangerous disease and as the player, you must kill them all to avoid the spread of disease while destroying every castles you see with the help of boulders and stones. Go and search for it now to have a wonderful gaming experience.

Be heroic and survive in Strike Force Heroes 2

Shooting games have been getting a lot of attention and popularity among gamers around the world because of two reasons. First reason is because of the shooting weapons involved which most players or gamers are excited to play with. Second is because of the shooting vibes and actions that will occur once the game has started. This article tackles a flash game that features many weapons intended for shooting. It is called Strike Force Heroes. This game is perfect for players who dream to become a hero in reel or real life. It is also a great medium to unwind during stressful events or activities.

The player’s mission in this game is to be a hero who will go undoubtedly in different dangerous places possible. The main goal is to seek, find and conquer the bad terrorists’ base or hideout and silently invade them. After that, you can violently and efficiently use the weapons presented or provided in the game to kill or eliminate all the terrorists. This way, you can restore peace and order in the virtual world.

Transform the nurse in Pretty Nurse Makeover

Pretty Nurse Makeover is another dress up game. In this game, you will help transform into a beautiful nurse the nurse who is pretty but has a dirty-looking face. You can surely do something about that. You will clean her face by applying mask and mud mask. One by one remove the pimples and use tweezers for excess eyebrows. Then apply make-up and accessories. Dress her up with her uniform with her cap.
Make her the most beautiful nurse in the hospital. One good thing with this game is that you can save your art work. Another is you only need your mouse to play. And you can also let children play it for having no violence involved. Pretty Nurse Makeover is a cool dress up game designed for girls especially those aspiring to be nurses. They will surely enjoy giving the nurse a makeover

Have a glimpse at the battle of the future with Plazma Burst 3

Future is the time that most of us are looking forward to experience. Some are rushing and want to find out their luck. It is good if we just wait for it and even work for it. The future has been connected or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies and television series.
There are two factors why the future is a good theme to be tackled in the mentioned entertainment mediums. One is because of the fact that it brings curiousity and widens our imagination. Second is because it is entertaining to know or even guess what the future will be. Plazma Burst 3 is a flash game that will let you have a glimpse at the battle of the future. If you love shooting games, this is the one that really fits you. This is a futuristic shooting game in which you will have to deal with futuristic cyborgs and robots. You will have to eliminate the enemies as much as possible. Utilize different weapons presented in the game. There are four exciting levels that you can enjoy if you will visit now its main website which is So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and search for the site.

Unleash your passion for speed in Shift 2

Shift 2 is an example of a racing game that involves a lot of adrenaline rush and thrilling action. This is already the seventeenth installment from the long running racing game series called Need for Speed. The mentioned series has been very successful because of two reasons. First is because of the continuing story and action that players anticipate and look forward to play. Second is because of the graphics and designs that are high definition which give the players the real vibe of racing even if it is through a virtual platform.
This game is developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This game was released in March 2011 and have been played in different platforms such as PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and iOS. The goal of the player in this game is to unleash the beast in terms of racing his wonderful car. Try to beat other racers and gain higher scores.

Defeat the monsters in Forest Fight 2

Forest Fight 2 is the second edition from the game series called Forest Fight which was created and developed by ArmorGames and released in 2005. This is about shooting enemies while travelling into different types of forest. There are two reasons why you will be hooked in this particular game. First is because of the involvement of shooting weapons which most gamers love in a flash game. Second is because of the simple graphics that are not painful in the eyes. Continue reading this article for further details.
Your mission as the player in this game is simple. You will be given a bow and arrow which you will have to utilize in order to kill the monsters hiding and lurking in the forest. Make sure that you aim correctly and collect the gold from the monsters. The more monsters you kill, the higher your score will be. Search for this game online and have a blast playing.

Park enormous vehicles with Park My Big Rig 3

Parking is a skill that is very important to people who own and drive different vehicles. There are two reason why such skill is very important. First is because with this skill, all the vehicles in the world will be properly organized in a systematic way. Second is because of the fact that parking lets traffic flow continuously and smoothly. It is good to practice this skill so the next time you drive a car; you know what to do. One great way to enhance your parking skills is by visualizing your movement which you can get by playing a virtual game called Park My Big Rig 3.

This game is the third installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 3. In this third offering, you will still park big vehicles. The addition in the gameplay is the difficulty which you will see as you play along in this game. There are 20 levels that you must finish to win in this game.
Turkey is a feathery animal that is usually found in farms. It is the usual meal during Thanksgiving and Holidays because of its size and taste. Turkey is not just a source of food but a beautiful attraction too in zoos and other showcasing events due to its colorful feathers. But let us remind ourselves that we should not abuse it and other animals because they are all living things.
Do you know that there is a flash game where the main character is a turkey with a unique and fun goal? Yes, there is. The name of the game is Turkey Got Guts. The story in this game is that the turkey has experienced a lot of abuse from the people surrounding it. The usual purpose is to make it a meal on the table by the farmers. In this game, you will have the turkey to get its revenge by controlling and navigating it towards the location of the farmers and shoot them with the provided weapon in the game. This game is created by Pyrozen.

Test your strategic thinking with Wheely 1

There are lots of educational games existing at the moment which are helpful and worthy to be played. There are two main benefits that one can get by playing this type of game. First is the lesson or value that can be picked up or realized as one is playing in the game. Second is the challenge they brought to players that will test their capabilities, skills and patience which is a good thing itself.
If you love this type of game, then you will be happy to be reading this article because it presents a cute but tough game. It is called Wheely 1. Check this game at From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with cars. The main character in this game is named Wheely which is a persistent car going for a mission. As the player, you must control and navigate Wheely in each level and help him reach the exit point. You should push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks at the right time so that the car will have a smoothing driving adventure.

Kill them all in Gun Mayhem 2

If you are fond of playing shooting games, Gun Mayhem 2 is a must try then. Your main goal is to shoot the enemies and make them fall off the stage or kill them all! You also have to evade their shots towards you. As you fight off with them, collect power-ups; they will give you great boost to survive the harder levels.
You can play Campaign, Custom Games and Challenges. Unlock all fifteen levels in Campaign; play seven modes with up to four players in Custom Games and test yourself and enhance your skills with weapons in Challenges. Use left and right arrow keys to turn left or right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to drop through the ground. Press letter Z to shoot and letter X to throw dynamite. Gun Mayhem 2 is an addicting action-packed shooting game.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shot the ball on the hole with Golf Jam

Golf is considered as one of the emerging sports at this generation because there are more people getting aware with the sport’s proper and process and usually find it easy to deal or engage with. But for others, it is also a tough sports not because of the game’s goal but because of the costs of the things needed in order to play the sport. That is the reason why it is also considered as a sport for the rich people. Nevertheless, it is still a great and challenging sport to engage with. If you are looking for an alternative one, you can try to play the flash game called Golf Jam.
This is obviously about Golf but in a virtual medium. The player’s mission in this game is the same with the real one. You just have to shoot the ball towards the designated hole in the least attempts possible. Keep an eye on the wind so that your shot will not be affected. Click on the green to start power selection and then click it again to hit the ball towards the hole. It is all about choosing the right amount of force or power to be successful with the game.

Prepare for a bloody ride in Earn to Die 2012 Part 3

Do you like the multi-part game series called Earn To Die 2012? If your answer is a yes, there is a good news for you. If your answer is a no, don’t worry because you will love it after reading this whole article. It is about a flash game that involves zombie-crushing and it is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 3. This is obviously the third part of the multi-part game Earn To Die. This part 3 offers features that will surely thrill and challenge players.
You must first know your goal before taking into action. The objective of this game is still the same which is to survive the hordes of zombies by smashing, bumping and crushing them into pieces until there is bloodbath feels. You have three levels that need to pass such as Level 1 for an easier obstacle and designation, Level 2 for a moderate difficulty and Level 3 for a very difficult smashing experience. There are three types of vehicles that you can use such as a van, flatbed truck and a tanker truck. Enjoy and prepare for a virtual bloody ride now!

Take good care of the ducklings in Duck Life 4

Some people are confused with ducks because they are considered birds but they can’t fly that high compared to other feathered creatures. Nevertheless, these animals are very useful for mankind. It does not only serve as balancer in the ecosystem but also a good source of food such as meat and eggs. They are highly appreciated in different entertainment medium just like the game series called Duck Life. This is very popular and a testament to it is the fourth edition from the series which is called Duck Life 4. Please rely on the next paragraph for more details.
duck life 4
Obviously, the player will be dealing with a duckling in this game. As a player, you will have to train, raise and develop the duckling into a champion duck. Train the duckling everyday until it is ready to take a splash in certain competition in which there is a chance that it will be a great champion duck. Since this is already the fourth installment, you can expect for more aesthetics and gameplay. Search for it through online websites and and click to play for an entertaining game.

Defend your trophy in Paper Defense

Paper Defense is a shooting and action game. Your goal is to protect your base from the enemies by putting up guns; you have to defend your trophy. At the beginning of the game, you can choose Start Game wherein you have to survive fifty waves of enemy attacks, or Survival.
paper defense
If this is the first time you will play Paper Defense, you should take the tutorial. You will expand your base by connecting different types of walls which give you different types of bonuses. You have to earn cash to be able to expand and put up your defenses. You earn by killing enemies. At the upper left corner, you will find how much you earned, and how much life is left to your trophy. Paper Defense is a strategy game between defenses and resources. It is a hard game but it is fun to play.

Get a glimpse of a soldier’s journey in Endless War 3

If there is one tough job which is dangerous and hard to pull through, it will be the one pertaining to a soldier. Beside the education and training that one needs to undergo in becoming a recruit, the most difficult part is the sacrifice that one needs to endure in order to serve his or her country or nation. There will be times that he or she will be in near danger while there will also be times that he or she will be in great emotional swing that involves sadness, longingness and being homesick. Endless War 3 which is the main topic in this article will let you have a glimpse of a soldier’s journey in a virtual medium.
This is the third installment from the game series Endless Wars which is developed by Vitaly Zaborov. This is a shooting game that requires strategies and planning. The player will have to think before making an action. One should be patient and efficient. There are four campaigns that you can enjoy such as Iraq War, WW2- Pacific Ocean, WW3- Humans and WW3- Mutants. If you are planning to become a soldier someday, you should play this game at
Endless War 3 (3)

Reach the outer space in Luis Launch

One important factor in creating a flash game is the uniqueness. This factor is very important since it will make the game stand out among other games. It is understood that games existing at the moment are quite the same and it is a challenge for game creators to create one that will stand out. One good example is the game called Luis Launch. Are you familiar with this game? If not, it is totally fine because you will learn details or information about it as you read the entirety of this article.
Luis Launch

The main character in this game is Luis Castanon. The player’s role or objective is to help Luis reach the outer space using a rubber band. The player will pull Luis using the band and release him upwards as he reaches for the outer space. There will be beans that will fuel Luis’ flight so make sure that you will be able to collect all of them to boost your performance.

Bump the blue circles off the screen in Buttonheads 2

Buttonheads 2 is the second installment from the game series called Buttonheads which was created by Indus Labs and was released in 2011. This is considered as a cute shooter game because of the incorporation of cute buttonheads from which the name of the game came from. Since this is already the second edition, players can expect for improvements. One improvements that you will notice is the number of levels to play which is 25 at this particular version.
The goal is still the same which is to bump the blue buttonheads off the screen. You will control the yellow buttonhead as the main ball. You will aim and fire by clicking the mouse towards the direction that the blue ones are located. You have five attempts in each level and if you fail, you can try again. Make sure that you know the direction and right power to bump off the blue buttonheads as well as avoid the red ones.

Help the human stick figure in Sniper Assassin 3

Sniper Assassin 3 is the third installment from the game series called Sniper Assassin. The great thing about this particular series is the worthy story that players or gamers can relate and will really look forward into reading and experiencing. The main character in this game is named Shawn Davidson who wants to avenge his wife. His wife was murdered by a drug lord named Mr. Johnson. Davidson is hunting him throughout the series.
Sniper Assassin 3 (3)

Discover the past with Journeys of Reemus 3

Adventure games are becoming popular among gamers around the world because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they give people or gamers the chance to be a place where they can be or do whatever they want to be or do. Second is because of the challenge that they give to players that will test their patience and capabilities. Last is because of the excitement and thrill that they expose as they play along in the game.
Journeys Of Reemus 3
Journeys of Reemus 3 is a good example which is the third installment from the flash game series called Journeys of Reemus. The main character in this game is called Reemus which is an old bearded man. He has a friend who is his company in all the adventures that he engages on which is named Liam. In this third edition, your goal as the player is to help the two characters survive the platform and the dangers lurking on it until they reach the end where they will be able to discover the past and origin of the alien enemy. Try your best to control and guide the characters to be successful in this game.

Detonate the grenades in desert rifle 3

Test your shooting skills now… Desert Rifle 3 is the third installment of the Desert Rifle game series. Like its predecessors, you are tasked to kill opponents who are running towards you across a wall. While preparing to shoot, you can hide behind the wall. The number of opponents that you have to kill in each level is shown on the screen. As you level up, the game gets harder for enemies bring skilled soldiers which are wearing better armor and are faster. Use guns, mines and remote grenades to kill the zombies.
You earn score whenever you kill an enemy. Use that score to buy better guns, landmines and desert storm. Desert Rifle 3 is an action-packed strategy game. It is played using both keyboard and mouse. Because of the violence involved, player must be at least twelve years old. Know more about this game and play it for free