Thursday, July 14, 2016

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2 is built based on a famous movie about to be released widely around the globe. This means that the characters you control are also cast in the super product main Creed. Earn to die 5
The player will start the game with the role of a Boxer and the hard training to conquer big dreams of itself. You will also be coached and trained by the legendary Boxer Rocky Balboa. Earn to die 6

Parallel with the implementation of its tasks, you also will be able to unlock the new level, which will then lead you to the final battle is defeat Adonis Johnson. Real Boxing 2 also gives the Player 2 multi and single player mode the player to you flexibility to change experience and conquer. Adonis Johnson is the first legends game player must knock and developers also promise will add many other myths in a forthcoming Update as Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago from Rocky grossing martial arts film series.


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